Recipe Links: Week 1

Hi, I'm Megan, a 3rd-year subscriber to Scotch Hill Farm. I spend far too much time day thinking about food and researching new ways of preparing vegetables. In the spirit of community, I thought I'd share some of the dishes I discover along the way. 

As a supplement to the tried-and-true recipes Tony includes each week in the newsletter, I will share a weekly list of recipes I love and recipes that intrigue me. 

I will share recipes ranging from classic favorites to inspired new twists on good food. We all like simple recipes, especially when we come home from a long day to a toasty summer kitchen. But, eating the same lettuce salad with the same dressing each day can get a bit monotonous. Hopefully this list will include a little bit of everything, comforting easy recipes, inspirational new techniques, unique flavor combinations.

If you have a favorite recipe to share, please send it my way and I'll add it to a post!

In this week's delivery:

1. Spicy greens mix, 2. Lettuce mix, 3. Olga Romaine lettuce, 4. Nancy Bibb lettuce, 5. Curly cress, 6. Spinach, 7. Bok choi, 8. Norland red potatoes, 9. Leeks, 10. Pink beauty radishes, 11. Oregano

1. Spicy greens mix, 2. Lettuce mix, 3. Olga Romaine lettuce, 4. Nancy Bibb lettuce, 5. Curly cress, 6. Spinach, 7. Bok choi, 8. Norland red potatoes, 9. Leeks, 10. Pink beauty radishes, 11. Oregano

Spicy Greens Mix

Stir-Fried Bok Choi with Mizuna and Tofu
This recipe from Epicurious looks like it would work well with this week's spicy greens mix (in place of the mizuna) and bok choi. 

Lettuces: Lettuce Mix, Olga Romaine Lettuce, Nancy Bibb Lettuce

Salad Greens with Chinese Salad Dressing: Asparagus to Zucchini, pg 89

Radish and Lettuce Salad Dressed with Oranges and Mint, Farm-fresh and Fast, pg 184

Ottolenghi's Lettuce Salad
This recipe for lettuce salad with radishes, capers, and semi-dried tomatoes is is sure to perk up those tastebuds after a long winter and slow spring! Try a combination of lettuces for varied texture and crunch.

Classic Caesar Salad:
Plenty of anchovy, garlic, and cayenne make this salad satisfying enough for an entree. With just a little more work, the fresh croutons and homemade dressing shine. Just be sure to keep an eye on those croutons; they're easy to forget about!

Stir-fried Lettuce:
Just in case you're worried about salad burnout, there's lettuce stir-fry. (And, yes, you can cook lettuce!) In a pinch, water or diluted rice vinegar would work in place of the sherry/rice wine and any neutral cooking oil would work just fine in place of the peanut and sesame oils.


Radish and Cress Side
This vegetable side looks peppery and fresh, everything I'm hoping for as early season vegetables make their way into my kitchen. I imagine it'd be good alongside some simply grilled fish or a vegetarian protein like grilled tofu.

Cress and Barley Salad
This grain salad would make an easy, healthful lunch or light dinner with a piece of cheese, some nuts, or a hard-boiled egg. (Recipe on the second page, second from the top).


Oscar Pasta
Spinach and nutmeg are a classic combination. Try this kid-friendly pasta recipe from subscribers Karen and Allen!

Spinach, Mushroom, and Cream Bake
Spinach and mushrooms swimming in cream sauce. What isn't there to love?

Bok Choi

Stir-fried Bok Choi with Cashew Sauce, From Asparagus to Zucchini, pg. 31

The recipe for Stir-Fried Bok Choi with Mizuna and Tofu linked under Spicy Greens is another way to use this week's bok choi.


Potato Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette
Now that summer is here, it's time for picnics and dining al fresco. Try this lighter take on potato salad. It's bright, zippy, and suited for the cooler since there's no dairy or eggs to worry about. I've made a few versions of this salad with different types of potato and all have come out pretty darn good.

Potato Leek Gratin
It may be getting warm outside, but who doesn't love a good gratin. This recipe looks like a pretty good way to incorporate the potatoes and leeks from this week's share.


Leftover Mashed Potato Pancakes
If you don't have plans for those potatoes yet, make up a batch of mashed potatoes as a side, then fry up these fritters the next day, swapping a few small leeks for the scallions! 

Blake's Colcannon (Mashed potatoes with greens and leeks)
Don't feel like frying fritters? How about a batch of Irish colcannon with or without the kale. Blake whipped up a batch of these potatoes this weekend for dinner after a work day at the farm. 

You could also use these young leeks in the place of scallions in the Stir-fried Lettuce recipe or Ottolenghi's Lettuce Salad recipe.

Radishes: Pink Beauty and Cherry Belle

Radishes with Bread and Butter
This is hands-down my favorite way to eat radishes. The French are definitely onto something with this one; the contrast in the crunchy, spicy radishes, and the creamy butter is delicious. I've also been known to skip the bread and dip radishes directly into a bit of softened butter with a pinch of salt and pepper. 

Radish Top Soup
Once you've eaten up your radishes, give those tops a little love. (Yep, they're edible, and quite nutritious). An excellent example of a whole-plant approach to cooking, this soup combines radish greens, potatoes, and onions for a simple, nourishing meal. (The recipe follows the newsletter).

Radish, Rhubarb, and Strawberry Salad
If you're feeling adventurous, try this very springy salad from The New Persian Kitchen. It liberates stringent rhubarb from its traditional role in sweets by pairing it peppery radishes and sweet strawberries.  

The Radish and Lettuce Salad recipe or Ottolenghi's Lettuce Salad recipe are also excellent options for radishes.


Garlic, Lemon and Oregano Vinaigrette

This salad dressing would work well on a lettuce or spinach salad, with as many or as few ingredients as you'd like.