A food system you can trust


Community Supported Agriculture provides a system of farming you can see, know, trust. It provides a relationship with a small farm family and a practical way we can all help protect the Earth and its resources.


Subscribers receive many benefits when joining Scotch Hill Farm. In addition to healthy, nutritious, seasonal produce you get a chance to have a relationship with us, the farmers. There are many on farm events and weekly newsletters with recipes and farm news. Find Scotch Hill Farm on Facebook and receive updates about the farm. Subscribers also have the chance to lessen their carbon footprint by purchasing food raised with minimal fossil fuels and no petroleum-based fertilizers and pesticides.

Our family has practiced this system of growing and selling fresh produce since 1994. Here’s how it works.

We raise more than 100 varieties of vegetables and herbs. Because we are certified organic we manage our soil and crops – without any chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers – and with stringent and transparent organic practices.

We sell subscriptions of fresh produce that we raise in Rock County, Wisconsin. Subscribers can receive up to 4.5 months of fresh USDA Certified Organic herbs and vegetables. Each week they get an assortment in a recycled grocery bag.

With our family and farm interns, & part-time employees we plant, tend, harvest, wash, bag, and deliver this produce fresh to drop-off sites near your home. For each season, subscribers pay a set fee. This holds many advantages for consumer and farmer alike, for the world in which we all live.

This relationship provides stability and consistency for the growers’ family. It rewards their year-round work and ecological practices with a consistent, direct market return for what they provide during the growing season.