Red tomatoes, orange tomatoes, yellow and green! We grow many varieties of tomato here on the farm. 

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Brandywine tomato
Brandywines are an heirloom tomato variety known for their large size and striking colors. The fruit is often irregular in shape with significant ridges running down its sides.
Brandywines are excellent tomatoes for eating raw, with a drizzle of good olive oil and a sprinkle of salt. For something more involved, try [recipe link] or [recipe link],

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Garden Peach
A delicate yellow tomato with a soft pink blush and fuzzy skin. This fruity and mild tomato is best served raw, atop salads or on its own. 

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German Striped Tomato
Beautiful inside with a sweet, fruity flavor, the German Striped tomato is a great tomato for slicing. Try it with a sprinkle of salt and a drizzle of olive oil. 

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Great White Tomato
This large tomato is light yellow to creamy white in color. It's a meaty tomato with few seeds and low acid. A great slicing tomato!

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Green Zebra Tomatoes
Nope, these tomatoes aren't unripe! Green zebra tomatoes are an heirloom variety noted for their bright green color. Some fruits develop a striped pattern, some an orange blush, and others remain an unmarked pale green shade. Ripe green zebras are firm, but have a slight give when pressed.

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Jet Star Tomato 
The Jet Star Tomato most closely resembles the supermarket tomato in size and appearance, but is anything but. Jet Star tomatoes are great slicing tomatoes and can be used on sandwiches, salads, and dozens of other recipes.

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Juliet Tomato
A mini-roma tomato, the Juliet is great for eating raw in salads, especially caprese style with olive oil, basil and mozzarella. This tomato also works well in a fresh, summery tomato sauce.

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Paste tomato
We grow a couple of varieties of paste tomatoes on the farm, including Amish and Hogheart. Paste tomatoes are denser than slicing tomatoes, which makes them especially well-suited to canning whole or cooking down into marinara sauce.

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Paul Robeson Tomato
Deep burgundy fruits with green coloring around the stem, this Russian heirloom tomato has a sweet, smokey flavor. 

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Sungold Cherry Tomatoes
Sungolds are a sweet-tart little cherry tomato with a sunny orange color. They're almost irresistible straight from the vine, but they're also delicious in a quick pasta sauce of sungolds, garlic, olive oil, and a pinch of salt. Add a bit of crushed red pepper for heat, if you like.

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Valencia Tomato
The Valencia tomato is a meaty orange fruit with very few seeds. Sweet, yet acidic, this tomato has a full, rich flavor. The Valencia is a great slicing tomato.

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Yellow Brandywine
These tomatoes are actually more of an orange color. They're larger than the Valencia tomato, but similar in color. Yellow Brandywines have a more complex flavor than other yellow tomatoes.