If you've found something red in your share, but aren't sure what it is, you've come to the right place. Browse the images and descriptions below for some helpful tips.

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Paul Robeson Tomato
Deep burgundy fruits with green coloring around the stem, this Russian heirloom tomato has a sweet, smokey flavor. 

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Red Bell Peppers
We grow several varieties of bell peppers on the farm, including:  Olympus, Red Knight, Snapper, and Yankee Bell. If you have a gas stove, try roasting them directly on the burner. Be careful to turn them with tongs as the skin blackens. Cover and allow to steam until cooled, then peel.

Red iceberg lettuce highlighted.jpg

Red Iceberg Lettuce
A colorful iceberg variety, Red Iceberg is a pleasant mild lettuce. Its leaves are crisp and sweet.

Red Norland Potato
The Red Norland potato is a great all-purpose potato. It's starchy enough for baking and frying, but holds its shape well for boiling and mashing. No need to peel these potatoes; their red skins are pretty and nutritious.

Redwing Onion
A dense, round red onion, well suited to long storage. Try adding a sprinkle of raw red onion over soups, vegetable and bean salads, or sandwiches for a crisp punch of oniony heat.

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Red rocket hot pepper
These sweet hot peppers will spice up your recipes from stir fries to jambalayas and stews. These peppers are also good for drying or braiding into ristras.

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Hyper Red Rumple Waved Lettuce
This colorful lettuce has a very pleasant texture and taste. Use it to punch up salad greens.

Red Round Turnip Highlighted.jpg

Red Round Turnip
Bundled here with a white turnip, the round red turnip boasts a rose peel and a creamy white interior. Its crisp texture makes it an excellent vegetable for eating raw. Slice thinly and add to salads or pile next to your favorite veggies on a party platter.


Red Burgundy Okra
Red Burgundy okra is a larger okra variety with striking flowers and pods. To reduce the 'sliminess' of okra, try cooking or grilling it whole. Or, harness that slime and use okra to thicken gumbo or soup!

Ross Lunga di Tropea Onion
A mild Italian variety, this is a sweet, red, torpedo-shaped onion that matures in the late summer. Use as you would a red onion or shallot. It's good for cooking with as well.

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Sweet Valentine Lettuce
Sweet Valentine lettuce is a mild variety. It has a very sweet, pleasant flavor and a beautiful color.