Eyeing something purple from your share? Peruse the images and descriptions below to find out what it is.

Red wave lettuce highlighted.jpg

Hyper Red Rumple Waved Lettuce
This colorful lettuce has a very pleasant texture and taste. Use it to punch up salad greens.

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Redwing Onion
A dense, round red onion, well suited to long storage. Try adding a sprinkle of raw red onion over soups, vegetable and bean salads, or sandwiches for a crisp punch of oniony heat.

Striped eggplant highlighted.jpg

Rosa Bianca Eggplant
A charming pink-lavender eggplant with white streaks and mild flesh. Use as you would any variety of eggplant, or try in this tomato eggplant pie.


Rosita Eggplant
A bright, violet eggplant with tender, mild flesh. Try using this eggplant in any of your favorite eggplant dishes.

Red iceberg lettuce highlighted.jpg

Red Iceberg Lettuce
A colorful iceberg variety, Red Iceberg is a pleasant mild lettuce. Its leaves are crisp and sweet.

Red wave lettuce highlighted.jpg

Ross Lunga di Tropea Onion
A mild Italian variety, this is a sweet, red, torpedo-shaped onion that matures in the late summer. Use as you would a red onion or shallot. It's good for cooking with as well.


Ruby Perfection Cabbage
A pretty red cabbage! This cabbage works well in a fresh slaw dressed with lemon vinaigrette, or, for a fall dish, try this braised red cabbage.

Red valentine highlighted.jpg

Sweet Valentine Lettuce
Sweet Valentine lettuce is a mild variety. It has a very sweet, pleasant flavor and a beautiful color.