Tomato? Squash? Root vegetable? Browse the descriptions and images below to identify the produce in your bag.

Beauuregard sweet potato highlighted.jpg

Beauuregard Sweet Potato
This sweet potato has red skins and bright orange flesh. Sweet and moist, these potatoes are great for baking and mashing.  

German Striped Highlighted.jpg

German Striped Tomato
Beautiful inside with a sweet, fruity flavor, the German Striped tomato is a great tomato for slicing. Try it with a sprinkle of salt and a drizzle of olive oil. 

Garden Peach

Garden Peach
A delicate yellow tomato with a soft pink blush and fuzzy skin. This fruity and mild tomato is best served raw, atop salads or on its own. 

Hercules Carrot
A crunchy, flavorful carrot that matures early in the season.

Long Pie Pumpkin
With bright orange flesh, this winter squash makes a delicious pie. It's smooth inside and not very stringy.

Pie Pumpkin
These pumpkins are aptly named; they do make great pies. If sweets aren't your thing, try using pumpkins in a curry or soup. From Asparagus to Zucchini has a recipe for a chickpea pumpkin soup.

Red Kuri Squash
Red Kuri squash are a Japanese winter squash with a rich, sweet flesh. 

Sungold tomatoes.jpg

Sungold Cherry Tomatoes
Sungolds are a sweet-tart little cherry tomato with a sunny orange color. They're almost irresistible straight from the vine, but they're also delicious in a quick pasta sauce of sungolds, garlic, olive oil, and a pinch of salt. Add a bit of crushed red pepper for heat, if you like.


Touchstone Gold Beet
Gold beets are a brilliant yellow-orange color inside and out. They're milder in flavor than red beets, but just as packed with nutrients. Golden beets are great shredded in this  raw beet salad or roasted with olive oil and salt until tender.

Valencia Highlighted.jpg

Valencia Tomato
The Valencia tomato is a meaty orange fruit with very few seeds. Sweet, yet acidic, this tomato has a full, rich flavor. The Valencia is a great slicing tomato.

Yellow Brandywine Highlighted.jpg

Yellow Brandywine
These tomatoes are actually more of an orange color. They're larger than the Valencia tomato, but similar in color. Yellow Brandywines have a more complex flavor than other yellow tomatoes.