We grow melons of all shapes and sizes. To identify yours, browse the images and descriptions below.

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Arava Cantaloupe
An Israeli cantaloupe with smooth green flesh. This melon is sweet and aromatic. Serve it for a chilled desert

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Early moonbeam watermelon
An icebox watermelon with a sweet, yellow interior. Try adding this colorful melon to a salad such as this spicy cucumber-melon salad.

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Eden's Gem Melon
This small muskmelon is a green-fleshed fruit. Eden's Gem melons are smooth, sweet, and complex. 

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Golden Gopher Muskmelon
This melon is an orange-fleshed muskmelon with distinctive flavor. It's a small melon with a lot to offer.

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Ha’ogen Melon
One of our late melon varieties Ha'Ogen a heirloom from Seed Savers Exchange. These are delicate green fleshed sweet melons.

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Prescott Fond Blanc Melon
An heirloom melon with lumpy, warted skin and bright orange flesh. The flesh is dense and sweet. Eat this straight, or consider making a melon jam like Marisa McClellan's recipe in Food in Jars.


Pride of Wisconsin
This strange looking heirloom melon is called the pride of Wisconsin. It has a super sweet orange flesh so forgive its appearance and enjoy!