Our shares include a variety of fresh herbs. For help identifying or using them, browse the images and descriptions below.

Arugula is a nutty, peppery green. It's often used in salads, sandwiches, and other raw applications. It can be tossed on freshly baked pizzas for some contrast and bite. Arugula can also be used in pestos.

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Aromato Basil
This mottled purple-green herb has a pleasant anise flavor. Aromato basil works well in Thai curries and raw salads. 

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This popular herb comes in many varieties which range in flavor from lemony to anisey. With tomatoes, it forms a classic Italian combination. It's also delicious in a raw zucchini salad.

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Cilantro is an herb with a fresh, grassy green flavor. It works well stirred into salsas, sprinkled atop soups, whirred into salad dressings, or spread on tacos.

Dill Highlighted.jpg

A famous addition to pickles, this herb serves many other dishes quite well. It graces Greek recipes and adds a fresh bite to mellow foods. Try serving it with blanched, buttered carrots or use in this dill kohlrabi pie.

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A sweet, bright herb with notes of pine and citrus that resembles oregano in appearance. Marjoram pairs well with seafood or root vegetables.

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Mint is a lovely herb that works well in a number of dishes, sweet and savory. Pour hot water over a handful of mint leaves to brew a refreshing tea, or toss it with diced cucumbers and yogurt for a cooling summer salad.

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This herb is often used in pizza sauce, but has many other uses as well. It's commonly found throughout Greek and Italian cuisine and pairs well with meats, vegetables, and white beans.

Parsley Highlighted.jpg

We grow both curly (pictured here) and Italian parsley. Parsley is a great addition to meatballs, white beans, and salsa verde. Use in any recipe that needs a bit of freshness or a pop of green color.

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Sage is a grey-green herb has a strong, woodsy flavor. It adds savory depth to foods and works well with meats, gravies, beans, and mushrooms. Sage also works well with sweet winter squash. For a simple side, try sauteing mushrooms, garlic, shallots, and a sprinkle of sage. 


This spear-shaped herb has a sharp, lemony flavor, making it a great local alternative to citrus in salads, sandwiches, and garnishes. It's also very high in Vitamins A and C. Try it in creamy tuna salad or stir it into Greek yogurt for a sauce for meats, vegetables, or lentils.