Lots of green things come in our vegetables shares. For help telling them apart, check out the images and descriptions below!

Spring Onion
In the spring, we thin the onion beds in order to get bigger, more developed onions later in the season. These early onions are mild and can be used much like scallions. Chop and toss them over a finished stir-fry, garnish a soup, or add to salads.

Sugar Baby Highlighted.jpg

Sugar Baby Watermelon
The Sugar Baby watermelon is an icebox-sized melon. Its red flesh is sweet, crisp, and full-flavored. Tuck this watermelon in the fridge and pull it out for a cool, summer treat.

Sweet corn highlighted.jpg

Sweet Corn
Organic sweet corn! We grow a few varieties, including Augusta white and spring treat. Grill the corn in the husk, cut it off the cob and toss it into a succotash, or turn it into a corn salsa.

Red valentine highlighted.jpg

Sweet Valentine Lettuce
Sweet Valentine lettuce is a mild variety. It has a very sweet, pleasant flavor and a beautiful color.

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A sweet herb with a slight anise flavor. Tarragon is one of the primary flavorings in bernaise sauce. It also pairs well with root vegetables such as carrots.


Winterbor Kale
Winterbor kale is a curly kale variety with blue-green leaves. It is exceptionally cold tolerant; in fact, it sweetens significantly after a frost.


Zucchini Squash
We grow a few varieties of zucchini squash on the farm. Raven zucchini is pictured here. Try it in a raw zucchini salad.