Lots of green things come in our vegetables shares. For help telling them apart, check out the images and descriptions below!

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We grow both curly (pictured here) and Italian parsley. Parsley is a great addition to meatballs, white beans, and salsa verde. Use in any recipe that needs a bit of freshness or a pop of green color.

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Provider Beans
Provider beans are a larger green bean variety than the Maxibels we also grow. The pods are round and succulent. For a simple side, sauteing some garlic in olive oil, then tossing in trimmed beans and a tablespoon or two of water. Serve with a splash of lemon and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

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Red Iceberg Lettuce
A colorful iceberg variety, Red Iceberg is a pleasant mild lettuce. Its leaves are crisp and sweet.

Hyper Red Rumple Waved Lettuce
This colorful lettuce has a very pleasant texture and taste. Use it to punch up salad greens.

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Sage is a grey-green herb has a strong, woodsy flavor. It adds savory depth to foods and works well with meats, gravies, beans, and mushrooms. Sage also works well with sweet winter squash. For a simple side, try sauteing mushrooms, garlic, shallots, and a sprinkle of sage. 

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Savoy Cabbage
This cabbage is cold-weather tolerant, so it persists later in the season. Its webbed leaves are well suited to stuffed cabbage recipes. Savoy cabbage holds up well when roasted or braised.

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Shuyo Long Cucumber
A long, sweet cucumber with bumpy, irregular skin and juicy flesh. This cucumber is an excellent choice for cucumber salads or sweet pickles.

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Snap Peas
A sweet variety with round pods and a sweet flavor. Snap peas are juicy and crisp when raw, but become tender when cooked. Add them to stir-fries or noodle soups or lightly steam them for a simple side.

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Snow Peas
now peas have a flatter pod than snap peas. The seeds are small when harvested. Like snap peas, snow peas are great in stir-fries and brothy noodle soups.



This spear-shaped herb has a sharp, lemony flavor, making it a great local alternative to citrus in salads, sandwiches, and garnishes. It's also very high in Vitamins A and C. Try it in creamy tuna salad or stir it into Greek yogurt for a sauce for meats, vegetables, or lentils.

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Spicy Greens
We grow many varieties of spicy greens on the farm. Mizuna greens are pictured here. They can add punch to a meal with a nasal, mustardy heat, but that heat can be tamed a bit by cooking the greens before serving.

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We grow a few varieties of spinach here on the farm, including Bordeaux, 
Tyee, Space, and Winter Bloomsdale. Our spinach is delicious raw and holds up to cooking well, too. Don't discard those stems; they're sweet and crunchy.