Fall Share No. 1 – 2013 Season

Interacting with your farm and farmers, feeling the impact of what we all do

Autumn is trending quickly into winter here at Scotch Hill. Yet there is still much to do. We need volunteers both inside and outside our hoop house greenhouses. Putting gardens and fields to bed for winter. Dismantling metal, wire and baling twine tomato beds. Gathering up plastic row cover, rolling up drip tape and hoses used to irrigate crops, so that they do not freeze outside. Cleaning up stalls and putting down fresh straw for mother goats and sheep as they carry their young before birthing in spring. Mulching trees and shrubs planted last spring as a new border against chemical drift. Helping make or wrap goat milk soap for winter farmer’s market sales. Helping finish a workshop for the farm in a metal building. 

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Week No. 20 – 2013 Season

Judging a CSA grower and subscribers by more than products that feed us

It’s only natural in the land of multiple choice. It’s our first impulse with any sort of food. We mentally push our shopping cart around the vast array of offerings. From the first two CSA farms organized on the East Coast in the 1980s, an estimated 7,000 Community Supported Agriculture growers have sprung up all over the United States. The numbers of CSAs from which to select in most regions of the nation is dizzying. 

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