Week No. 1 – 2010 Season

Learning to truly value food means truly valuing growers and eaters

Food’s true beauty and blessing is in its seed, its fertile soil, its animals, its minerals and vitamins. It’s in the entire year of work, toil, planning, tending leading up to a single, flavorful bite. What we do together is always so much more than exchanging money over food. We nurture values around food, not simply “value” in conventional food systems that have made a cheap date of the Earth. We seek a personal relationship that is fed from commitment, community, sustainability. We have flaws and failings. We are not perfect. We try to tend food with organic practices in a world that is hostile to Nature, hostile to independence, hostile to everything local. You can find better growers, just as you could probably find a better mate somewhere, or a better job somewhere, or a better place to live somewhere. If we want the world to be a better place, a safer place, a more secure place, however, we know we need each other to make firm commitments. We know that like food from deeply rooted plants, we get the greatest long-term yields when we give our all to a place, a plant, a practice, a person. We welcome you into this relationship with Scotch Hill Farm, more than 100 varieties of certified organic and heirloom vegetables, Dela and Tony Ends, our family and all who work here with us. Thank you! More than delivery sites – we have some great new vegetable delivery hosts this year. Hospice Care of Janesville, Swim Café of Chicago, Bariques Wine and Coffee shops in Fitchburg and Madison, Provenance Food and Wine Store in Lincoln Square, several subscribers who’ve let us use their porches. We’re grateful to all, as well as our established hosts. We urge you to support them. One host, Dominic’s Kitchen Store, is scheduling 4 talks with Dela and me on organic gardening, farmstead soap-making, food as health and sustainability. Dominic is a Kendall College premier culinary program grad and a 6-year storeowner in Park Ridge, Ill. He’s a strong “Buy Local” promoter. He rallied nearly 30 people to sign up for our produce in his store in less than a month. He’s selling our organic and heirloom vegetable starts in his store, as well as our coalition’s CSA survival primer, the “Asparagus to Zucchini Foodbook.” Stuff for salad prep: Lettuce we grow for you is not iceberg. It has minerals and vitamins, not simply water and roughage. It is the most delicate crop we grow. Washing a delicate vegetable variety ahead of delivery often damages it. It’s best the consumer rinse it just before food preparation and eating. Dominic has salad spinners, varying in size and price from $19.99 to $24.99, to help salad washing in the kitchen. You can find salad choppers, private label dressings, plastic lettuce knives that don’t brown the lettuce ends in cutting and many other items for the kitchen, pictured at http://www.justchefit.com/product/8308.html He sells online at www.justCHEFit.com. Or you can call 847-698-1255 to place an order by phone.

This Week’s Vegetables are:

  •  Greens Mix (spinach, kale, mustard and turnip greens)
  • Garlic Scapes (a cutting from the plant, which helps the bulb grow larger before typical harvest in July, chop it up and use it just like garlic cloves)
  • Lettuce Mix with Nasturtiums (edible flowers)
  • Bibb / Romaine Mix Lettuce
  • Hakuri Turnips
  • Radishes (you can work their nutritious greens into salads and stir fry)
  • Leeks
  • Oregano
  • Snow Peas

Cooking Tip for the Week

 Leeks can be used as you would many types of onions. Chop and sauté, into stir-fry or omelets Use in soups, especially with potatoes. Try them in salads. They are commended by some of the doctors and physicians whose works Dela and I read over winter and will be sharing with you this season. We have an entry on them in the A to Z Foodbook, which you can still purchase from us at a discount. Our Dela and Micah contributed recipes to this book. It’s sold nationwide and funds the work and organic farming of our 45 members in central Wisconsin. Email tony@scotchhillfarm.com to procure a copy from us.