Fall Share No. 1 – 2012 Season

Levels of understanding the bounty bring balance and health to us all

My happiest times in life have come when work, friendships and love were in balance. Of all the types of work I’ve done in 58 years of life, farming has given the most joyful rewards. Friends whom Dela and I’ve made through our gardens and fields have often proven to be our truest friends. And my heart is full of love for all of life when I can touch soil, seed, plant, bird, animal and feel their response to my service and protection. We all know how unhealthy mind, body and spirit can become when these three qualities of life –work, friendship and love – are not in balance. Over time, cancer, heart disease, severe arthritis, Alzheimer’s, medical specialists and researchers tell us, can come to our bodies when we do not physically work our muscles and joints, befriend the Earth with consumption that does not contribute to its poisoning and depletion, and love ourselves enough to buy, prepare and eat a diverse diet of vegetables and fruits. This fall share you’ve helped produce with Scotch Hill Farm may fairly overwhelm you with a burst of vegetable varieties from our cool season and root crops, also preserved vegetables from our 18th season. It will require you to do a little work in cooking, blanching and freezing, maybe even canning or drying. You may have to do a little study as to how to cook, store or preserve some of these varieties. We heartily recommend you buy and consult our coalition of CSA growers’ From Asparagus to Zucchini food book for essential tips on each vegetable we grow. We can get you copies at a 25 percent discount ($15). Contact me at 608 897-4288 or tony@scotchhillfarm.com if you want one delivered with your fall share. I’ll also have a box along in the hybrid SUV when I deliver. Bringing one’s life into balance requires a supportive community. This book reflects the support of an entire coalition of growers in the Madison area. We encourage you to take advantage of it. Still putting gardens and fields to bed – This weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, students from first Beloit College and then UW Madison will be helping us here at Scotch Hill with many tasks necessary to get gardens and fields ready for winter. We welcome your volunteer participation along with them – this or any week during November. You should let us know when to expect you so we can make sure we’re close to the farm to work with you. Dela is also making soap from our goat milk for school fund-raisers, fair trade sales and winter markets. And there is still straw to cut and bale from a field of prairie grass. Help with any of these tasks gets our farm through the winter. It takes a whole community working together to sustain a farm, to sustain supportive households, to sustain the Earth. Thanks for helping us all do our part – together.

This Week’s Vegetables include:

  • Chard
  • Potatoes
  • Tomatoes
  • Kale
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Garlic
  • Broccoli
  • Onions
  • Lettuce
  • Turnips
  • Salsa
  • Relish
  • Carrots
  • Peppers
  • Greens Mix
  • Cilantro
  • Kohlrabi
  • Bok Choi
  • Beets
  • Sweet Potatoes

Cooking Tips for the Week

Attached to an email to you this week is a file containing all of our weekly newsletters for the past 20-week season. There is a recipe or two in each week’s news for many of the varieties you are getting this week. Scroll through the season for cooking tips and get to know us through the notes about our farm. You can also find cooking tips via links to our subscribers on Dela’s facebook pages.